Fiber Optic Broadband
Cabling Technician (3 weeks / 105 hours)

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will demonstrate in his/her knowledge and practical demonstrations a working knowledge of both fiber optics and copper cabling for both inside and outside applications. Course is available in both daytime (3 weeks) and evening (6 week) sessions..


Week 1 (35 hours)

Week One: (35 clock hours) - Introduction to Fiber Optics, Connectors, Vocabulary, and basic hands-on workshops.

Week 2 (35 hours)

Week Two: (35 clock hours) - Fiber Optics more in-depth, focusing on FTTP splicing, using all major enclosures and tools.

Week 3 (35 hours)

Week Three (35 clock hours) - Copper cabling, twisted pair, overview, color codes, testing continuity, and training completion.